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       RAN Customized Training and Consulting was developed in 2013 by Richmond S. Parsons and Nicholas J. Honyara to assist community corrections agencies, social service providers, faith based organizations, and other agencies with implementing sex offender management protocols.  It was developed utilizing over 35 years of experience in the community corrections field and have assisted many individuals throughout the country with developing or enhancing their programs. 

     We provide professional and evidenced based training and consulting to social service and correctional agencies.  We take pride in developing training and other solutions to address the needs of the community. 


     We believe that we provide the tools to individuals to develop internal and external controls for those with problematic sexual behaviors which correlates in a reduction of new victimization and help those individuals develop a healthy and prosocial lifestyle.  We believe we accomplish this through:

Providing meaningful techniques and interventions that can be implemented immediately based on the current research, literature, and best practices.

Delivering training in an engaging, interactive, and exciting format that enhances the learning experience of the participants.

Identifying techniques and solutions which are innovative and creative to effectuate positive change.

Inspiring and reigniting the passion of participants to facilitate change and to be truly present in their interactions with the individuals that they serve.

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