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RAN Customized Training and Consulting was developed to assist community corrections agencies, social service providers, faith based organizations, and other agencies with implementing sex offender management protocols as well as leadership development, team building, defensive tactics, and staff safety.

Contact us direct to schedule training sessions for you and your team. 

Parole & Probation Officers

First Responders

Churches & Schools

Human Resources

Words from our Training Participants

"The trainers were both extremely qualified and dynamic speakers that gave me tools that I can start applying tomorrow." 

Paul S., Galveston, TX

"I appreciate that the material presented is good not only for treatment but also as a parent of a 13 year old." 

Training Attendee, Idaho ATSA

Paul S., Galveston, TX

"The facilitator was extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter, was engaging, and kept the audience's attention. I like the questions for assessment and contacts; it would be very helpful."

Samantha J., Philadelphia, PA

“I always enjoy attending a training being offered by Rick and Nick.  They always find a way to make it both entertaining and informative.  You walk away energized and ready to start applying your new skills the next day.”

Janet G., Galveston, TX

“The training provided me with great insight into my current practices and gave me tools to expand to become more effective in my job”.

Michael S., Delaware

“They opened my eyes to how much I was missing and how much more I could do.”

Ken B., Montgomery County, PA

Past Conferences and Events


2022 MARATSA Conference

May 11-13, 2022







Supervision of the Sex Offender in a Virtual World: Richmond Parsons & Nicholas Honyara
April 6-8. 2022



COVID-19 has impacted us all greatly, both personally and professionally. Even though it is easy to concentrate on the negative, did it possibly redefine what we do and provided opportunities to enhance supervision and treatment after the pandemic?


Thank you to all who participated in our six part series. We hope that you enjoyed the course, learned a lot, and are able to put into practice additional skills. 

If you missed any session, you may request a private live training for you and your team or you may request a recording of any past session. Please contact Amanda for more information at

Supervision of the Offender in a Virtual World:
Now and Beyond the Pandemic
Friday, March 26, 2021 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm (EST)
Via Zoom

Trainers: Rick Parsons and Nick Honyara, RAN Customized Training and Consulting


COVID-19 has impacted us all greatly, both personally and professionally. Even though it is easy to concentrate on the negative, did it possibly redefine what we do and provided opportunities to enhance supervision after the pandemic?


This workshop will explore how virtual supervision can be used in addition to traditional face-to-face contacts to enhance outcomes. The training will cover tips and tools to increase “dosage” supervision that targets criminogenic needs. Many of the techniques that are discussed can easily be applied across a variety of disciplines such as treatment providers and teachers. It is time that you take it to the next level.


Presenters, Rick Parsons and Nick Honyara have been involved with MARATSA and presented at conferences in the past. They address both probation and parole and treatment issues/techniques in their presentations, so no one is left out!  RAN Consulting provides professional and evidenced based training and consulting to social service and correctional agencies. This training has been developed using the current best practices and literature and is based on over 35 years’ experience.  


MARATSA Virtual Training:
Supervision and Treatment of Cyber Sex Offenders
Friday, January 29, 2021 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm (EST)
Via Zoom 
Idaho ATSA Conference 2020.png

At the first ever Zoom  Idaho ATSA Conference, Rick and Nick presented their training on  "The Next Generation: Management of the Sex Offender in the Digital World."

The most engaging topic centered around whether or not offenders should have access to the internet. 

When surveyed, 100% of participants said they would recommend the topic and speakers to others.

SAPEN 2019.png

Rick, a key presenter at the SAPEN Conference 2019, explored the arguments against the use of polygraph test in the treatment and supervision of sex offenders. His training session explored using a model on how the polygraph could be utilized to minimize the potential negative impact while improving treatment and supervision outcomes.

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