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     As certified Field Search Instructors we offer a Field Search Certification course which will provide instruction and certify end-users in the use of Field Search. The software is specifically designed for Probation and Parole Officers to conduct fast and meaningful exams of offender’s computers in the field.  This interactive and hands-on course will allow participants to gain valuable knowledge and enhance their current knowledge of Field Search. The training can be provided in-person or virtually.

     Class participants not only become proficient in the software but will also receive a certificate of completion from NLECTC (National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center).  This certification provides credibility to the officer and will enhance courtroom testimony.  Best practices on using this software will be demonstrated which will provide the attendee with a vast knowledge and understanding of Field Search on both Windows and Macintosh based systems as well various smartphones.

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RAN are Certified Field Search Instructors (CFSI) and training accompanies the software specifically for Probation and Parole officers and in some case, first responders. 


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